During the civil war between the Kuomintang (KMT) led Nationalist Government of the Republic of China and the Communist Party of China (CPC) for territorial control, Sy Kiao Tian and Sy Bun Se  fled China and migrated to the Philippines with their son, Manuel Sy Peng.

Manuel Sy Peng married Ngo Yet Te and they were blessed with eleven (11) children.


They started their repacking business with a one-day credit term of merchandise from their Suppliers in Divisoria.

After gaining enough working capital from the repacking business, Manuel Sy Peng established Central Bleach Manufacturing with one product called “DOLUX”.

On January 4, 1958, Manuel Sy Peng Sr. applied for the patent of DOLUX.


Manuel Sy Peng  together with his wife Ngo Yet Te,  founded Essential Manufacturing in 1975 of which the main products were Select Soy Sauce and Select Vinegar. The production then was very minimal and distribution was concentrated only in Luzon.

In 1979, Manuel Sy Peng Sr. died, his wife Mrs. Ngo Yet Te and their children continued on with their business.

Sometimes during the third quarter of 1979, a customer from Batangas gave Antonio Sy Peng, the eldest son, the idea to manufacture detergent bars because of its high demand. He discussed the matter with his younger brother, Charry, and both of them agreed to venture into this new product.

Charry approached their mother, Mrs. Ngo Yet Te, to convince her to provide the seed capital for the new product and after six months of persuading her to invest in the detergent business, she finally approved. 

It took three years for Tony and Charry to research; develop and set up the detergent factory in the same compound as the Select Soy Sauce factory.

Mrs. Ngo Yet Te chose the name “SPEED” for their new detergent bar product to connote “mas mabilis maglinis” (cleans faster). 

During this time, William Sy Peng took over the position of Tony as the Sales Manager of Essential Manufacturing in Metro Manila and part of Luzon. Manuel Sy Jr. took charge of the “motor pool” and acquisition of trucks, whereas Wilson Sy managed the Bicol branch of Essential Manufacturing.

When Claro Sy, came back from his studies in Taiwan, he took over the purchasing work and Charry  set up the Pampanga branch.

In 1984, Charry turned over the Pampanga branch to Wilson and established a branch in Cebu on November 26, 1984.

Starting 1995, Wilson expanded the Luzon network while Charry expanded the Visayas and Mindanao network.

The 21st Century

Essential Manufacturing was incorporated into Wellmade Manufacturing Corporation on February 17, 2000, a family corporation composed of Mrs. Ngo Yet Te, the founder, and her children.Year 2000, Bareta detergent bar was launched for the VISMIN market.

Year 2003, BUDGET was introduced for the LUZON market.
Year 2005,  WINROX Liquid Bleach was launched nationwide.

Through the years, Wellmade Manufacturing Corporation has proven to be a major player in the laundry detergent industry.

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